How Much Does a CT Scan Cost for a Dog?

ct scan cost for a dog

Just like humans, pets need a closer look at specific parts of the body. For that purpose, they recommend a CT scan to evaluate the health issue. However, people are surprised to learn that CT scans are also possible for dogs.

Now, people are curious to know how much a CT scan cost for a dog. The cost of a CT scan for your dog depends on where in the country you live and what type of scan is needed.

What is a CT Scan for Dogs?

CT Scan is a computer technology in which a large X-ray tube takes multiple X-rays of a specific part of the dog’s body. In this process, the dog will be de-sedated and lie on a table that slides into the CT machine.

Multiple rays have been taken during the CT scan, which shows slices of your dog’s bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels. CT scans evaluate pets who have been through a trauma like a car accident or fall.

This CT scan can help your vet spot tumors, bone fractures, blood clots, and infections. These scans are used to monitor heart disease and cancer.

How Much Does a CT Scan Cost for a Dog?

The total cost of a CT scan for a dog depends on where you have the scan performed. The cost of a CT scan for a dog is between $1500 and $3500. You pay more for a CT scan if your dog needs an emergency one.

You pay a higher price than normal at a hospital after a car accident. CT scans require expensive equipment, which increases the cost of a CT scan for a dog.

What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of a CT scan?

Several factors affect the cost of a CT scan. Rates can be different according to veterinary hospitals and vet practices.  If your dog does not need a CT scan on an urgent basis, then you can save money.

The general anesthesia amount will depend on the dog’s weight, as the large one costs more than the smaller one. Sometimes, vets inject contrast materials containing iodine into the dog’s vein before the scan, which can increase the CT scan cost.

How CT Scans are Conducted?

According to PetMd, CT scans are generally done at large hospitals where skilled technicians and expensive equipment are needed. Every scan takes 30 seconds to complete and could take about 45 minutes. Sometimes, the scan could be conducted twice once the iodine is injected.

Are There Any Side Effects to a CT scan?

Humans may develop an increased risk for radiation-induced cancers, but the side effects in dogs and cats are rare. However, some researchers recommend that the patient should be monitored briefly in any procedure with anesthesia.

Hopefully, this article will help you to provide the basic information of pets ct scan.

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