Why Does My Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water?

Why Does Dog Throwing Up or Vomiting After Drinking Water?

Many things in your life with your dog become a part of the routine. Your pet dog is just like a child, and every pet owner cares just like their kids. Sometimes, pet owners have messy moments that can make a dog’s owner’s blood run cold, like the sound of a retching and vomiting dog.

It seems inconvenient, and throwing up after drinking Water is often not a cause of immediate concern. Every dog is unique based on several factors that contribute to its behavior. This article will explore why does my dog throwing up after drinking Water. Understanding the underlying reasons can help you determine if further action is needed.

According to veterinarians Pete Wedderburn, DVM of BrayVet Hospital, and Lindsay Butzer of Clint Moore Animal Hospital, if your dog is throwing up Water, that could also be a sign of underlying health problems.

Reasons for throwing Water or vomiting after drinking Water

Esophageal Dysfunction

The first condition is megaesophagus, which affects the esophagus. Normally, it pushes food and Water into the stomach. Due to muscle weakness, it fails to contract correctly, and then a reflex action is performed. As a result, it ejects anything that is present in the esophagus.

Bacteria From Contaminated Water 

The dog’s bowl seems clean when you have not washed it for the day, but it can be contaminated. Stagnant pools and toilet water can make your dog vomit because they contain bacteria like Salmonella, Leptospira, and Campylobacter. Because of these bacteria, your dog throws after drinking Water.

Blue-Green Algae Stagnant ponds of Water have many nasty toxins and pollutants that harm your dog, such as runoff from fertilizer used on the nearby paddocks. Another reason is the elevated level of blue-green algae that can be present in small lakes; therefore, stop your active dog from swimming in them because they can drink Water from there, which leads to vomiting.


Parasites love living around Water that may be in feces or contaminated Water. Protozoans like Giardia and Cryptosporidium can cause sickness. They can also cause diarrhea and sometimes make the stomach sensitive, which may lead to vomit after drinking Water.

Gastrointestinal Blockage

Sometimes, gastrointestinal blockages occur because of undigested material. This causes vomiting, and your dog may seem sick. Besides, a partial blockage or the growth of a polyp can also cause vomiting.

Precautions If Your Dog is Sick After Drinking Water

If your dog has esophageal dysfunction, like when the muscles tend to fill with water or food, which builds up and leads to problems, you must consult your vet. Sometimes, they administer the drugs to increase muscle movement, and antibiotics are the secondary aspiration.

In simple cases of bacterial infections, clean water is given to the dog, along with a bland diet of white meat like fish or chicken with boiled rice. It will take three days for your dog to return to normal. However, if you are not satisfied, you should check with your veterinarian because your dog may need antibacterial medications. 

In the blue-green algae exposure, your dog needs the immediate attention of a vet. It mostly happens in the hot summer months. If there is no antidote for the toxin produced by the algae, get immediate support from your veterinarian.

Another good practice is to discourage dogs from drinking from ponds, puddles, swimming pools, and other stagnant sources of water. When you take your dog for a walk, take a bottle of water so that he is not tempted to drink from other sources.

In a nutshell, Vomiting, regurgitation, and retching are unpleasant conditions that keep dog owners on their toes. Throwing up water after drinking can caused by multiple reasons, as mentioned in the article. Therefore, if your dog does this constantly and experiences severe abdominal discomfort, you should contact your vet immediately. Hopefully, you have get you answer of why does my dog throw up after drinking water.

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