Top 10 Most Popular and Best Dog Breeds 2023

best dog breeds 2023

All around the world, people love to keep pets at home, especially dogs and cats as a pet. In the 18th century, a phrase became popular ‘Dogs are a man’s best friend.’ It is true in the sense of domestic work for hunting and Other functional tasks. American Kennel Club always collects data on the best dog breeds every year. Therefore, we are also going to tell you about top 10 best dog breeds 2023.

 Some breeds are always on the top place; in January 2021 list, Labrador Retriever is on the top. Around the world, almost 900 million different types of dog breeds are found, and the AKC organization always mentions the most popular dog breeds.

Dog pets are considered incredibly loyal because they provide comfort, protect, and love humans unconditionally. If you are a dog pet lover, you must know about all dog breeds. Let’s go with the flow and learn about best pet dog breeds.

 Top 10 Most Popular and Best Dog Breeds 2023

1. Labrador Retriever


Best Dog breed 2023

A friendly and most popular dog breed, Labrador Retriever, is people’s favorite and all-time family companion pet. It can differ in coat color, size, and pigmentation. Labrador is a good-natured dog; this breed is most popular in New Zealand, The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and The United States. This obedient and devoted dog has an even temperament; therefore, good to keep with children and other pets.

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Everyone is familiar with one of the best and smartest dog breeds, the German Shepherd. An energetic and loving dog who always wants an attentive owner. Therefore, it is one of the best pet dogs for those who want some daily basis activities with pets, like exercise, walking, etc.

3. Golden Retriever

best dog breed 2023

The Medium to large dog breed Golden Retriever is an iconic pet and needs good training. It seems happy and always eager to please its owners. You can keep it along with other dogs; you just need to train its habits; otherwise, it is always a loyal, loving, and playful dog with an affectionate temperament. The breed name Retriever shows the ability to retrieve shot game undamaged due to the soft mouth of this breed.

4. French Bulldog

A French bulldog is a small dog breed but the most affectionate and loveable pet. It is well-known because of its friendly personality and a great choice for urban living. No doubt it is an expensive pet, but you will never regret it if you buy this amazing breed. French bulldogs made great companions when you trained them with some exercise.

5. Bulldog

A calm and cheerful chunky dot that looks beautiful with a broad smile. Bulldog looks aggressive and tough, but this dog breed is known for its strength, courage, and love. He always loves to snuggle into their owner’s lap.

This courageous canine is a perfect and unique pet and is included in the most intelligent dog breeds that are also easy to train. One of the drawbacks is that bulldogs are not good swimmers, therefore, never left unsupervised around water.

6. Beagle

best dog breed 2023

The next one on our list is Beagle, which is a famous breed and known as friendly and persistent. Beagle is a very active and compact dog with plenty of exercises. You can groom in your own way when you keep Beagle as a pet. It is a tiny dog breed and can track little animals like rabbits. It considers a great dog, especially for workers.

7. Poodle

Best Dog breed 2023

A fancy, proud and intelligent dog with three varieties: Toy, Standard, and miniature. This miniature dog breed considers the most intelligent one after the Border Collie. However, this little and fancy dig needs frequent grooming, making it more attractive.

It could be trained easily as it is skillful in dog sports and other activities. The poodle breed originated in Germany and France. If someone is looking for an active companion for outdoor adventures, then a poodle is a great choice.

8. Rottweilers

Rottweilers are muscular and strong dogs by their look and very loyal by nature. It is a large dog breed bred to drive cattle and has great relationships with other family pets. Rottweiler needs regular mental and physical exercise regularly.

A protective pet that always makes you alert in the dangerous condition and keep your home safe. The owner needs to understand this breed because it becomes an aggressive dog if it did not train properly.

9. German shorthaired Pointer

best dog breed 2023

An outgoing and hardworking temperament dog breed named the German shorthaired Pointer considers an enthusiastic dog. It is a very noble breed for the outdoor person. German Shorthaired always makes friends with people and other pets.

It has mottled coats with brown and white patches, which makes the German Shorthaired Pointed more attractive. This dog needs a lot of exercises, and this dog pays you off with its intelligence.

10. Dachshunds

best dog breed 2023

Last but not least in our list of most popular dog breeds in 2023 is Dachshunds. It is a small and long-bodied dog and a great family pet. It is well known because of its loyal nature. This breed always keeps an active eye on whatever is happening around you. There are three coat varieties named wirehaired and smooth.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, In the modern era, people really love to keep dogs as pets. Therefore, we compiled the list of the ten most popular and best dog breeds of 2023. All of these are amazing in their own way and the best addition to your home. The dog is a loving animal, and there are hundreds of varieties, but we mentioned in this article the top ten so that you can easily select according to your choice.


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