Poochon: Facts About Designer Breed of Bichon and Poodle


The poochon is a small hybrid breed of toy poodle and bichon fries. It is a happy and intelligent breed and has the best qualities from both their parents. Poochon dogs look beautiful as this breed comes in different colors like black, cream, apricot, red, silver, brown, and white. Poodles and bichons are both friendly breeds; therefore, their hybrid is also a friendly breed and generally trainable, smart, and affectionate.

The curly coat of poochon requires daily brushing and regular professional grooming. This one is a great option for a big family or a single-person household. Let’s know everything about this amazing hybrid breed, Poochon.


Poochon History

The Poochon breed has existed over the years, but this designer breed was intentionally prepared in Australia in the late 1990s. Breeders mixed the two parent breeds, intelligent Toy Poodle and adorable Bichon Frise.

The purpose was also to eliminate the health problems related to pure breeds. Then, they continued to create this mixed breed on demand. Poonchon dogs demand high maintenance, so if you can care for this breed, then adopt it.

Poochon Size

Poochon is a new designer breed, and there are few standards when we talk about the size. This small breed is almost 6 to 20 pounds in weight and is 9 to 15 inches tall. The life span of this breed is 10 to 18 years.

Poochon Personality

You need to know some things about Poochon’s personality. This playful breed enjoys sleep on the couch and loves the active play sessions during the day. If you love playing games with your pet dog, this breed could be better for you.

Poochon can be vocal when irritated, but this trait could be minimized by training and home games. Early training in pet dogs always reduces unwanted behaviors. They enjoy socialization and love to play with other pets; therefore, multiple pets at home could be a great addition.

Common Health Problems in Poochon

According to scientific research, designer dog and cat breeds are healthier than purebred ones. But this is unnecessary because, after so much research at the University of California, it was proved that there is no difference between pure and designer breeds in the prevalence of common inherited disorders.

Mostly, purebred dogs have some specific inherited health issues common to the breed. Crissing means that designer breeds like Poochon puppies are at risk of genetic diseases found in this breed. It is predisposed to some conditions that Toy poodle and bichon fries also face. Generally, they are healthy and prone to a few health issues, and these health problems following include

  1. Allergies
  2. Patellar Luxation
  3. Retinal atrophy
  4. Bladder Issues
  5. Cushing’s disease
  6. Addison disease

The responsible breeders always test them for the genetic diseases common to their breed to avoid health problems for the puppies. Reputable breeders should be offering a health guarantee. 

Poochon Care and Grooming

Poochon requires the same care as a poodle, and bichon fries demand. Their dense, curly coat sheds very little, but you need to brush daily to remove loose hair from the coat. Poochon with undercoats needs frequent brushing compared to single coats.

In addition, must get the haircut from a professional groomer after every four to eight weeks. If we talk about nails, yes, these must be trimmed every other week, and also look inside their ears to ensure they are clean.

Cleaning is very necessary to keep the pet safe. Therefore, if you see excessive dirt in the ear, redness in the eyes, or Poochon on his head frequently, schedule an appointment with a veterinary professional.

Exercise and Training

Poochon parent breeds are energetic, but Poochon is small compared to their parents. Therefore, a short walk daily plus playtime at home is enough exercise for this breed.

Once, Bichons were considered the circus dogs because of their charming tricks, and poodles are one of the smartest breeds. Therefore, poonchon responds to positive training methods like clicker training with tasty treats and food rewards.


The poochon diet should be formulated for a small breed with moderate to high energy. This breed can gain weight if overfed; therefore, feed your Poochon pet twice a day to prevent overfeeding. If you keep this breed lean, there would be very few changes in the development of joint disorders like luxating patellas.

Moreover, other weight gain-related disorders could be prevented, like diabetes. The dietary needs of every breed change from puppyhood to adulthood, so make changes according to their age. If you are not sure about the poochon diet, then consult your veterinarian and give recommendations about the diet.


In a nutshell, always purchase your pet from a reputable breeder. hopefully, it is an informative article for you if you want to buy a Poochon designer breed.
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