How to Clean Dog’s Teeth: A Complete Guideline

how to clean dog's teeth

Cleaning dogs’ teeth is a key part of their grooming and caring. Most dog owners ignore the dental care of their pets, which leads to worse diseases. According to an assistant professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, the pets’ quality of life can be improved by providing them with healthier, more comfortable, and better-functioning mouths. In this article, we will know how to clean dog’s teeth and tips to make them healthier.

Brushing is so important as it cleans plaque that leads to bad breath and more serious issues like decayed teeth or gum disease. According to another American Veterinary Medical Association reference, 80 % of dogs show signs and symptoms of canine periodontal disease at an early age.

Therefore, good dental care can make your dog happier and healthier and provide a longer life. Every pet owner should aim to brush their dog’s teeth daily. Regular tooth brushing is the best way to clean the plaque under the gumline. There are high chances of dental disease in some dogs, and the following breeds are included.

All these breeds have a high chance of dental issues, but every dog needs dental cleaning every day to remove all types of plaque.

Signs When Your Dog Might Have Dental Issues

There are some signs and symptoms by which you can know your pup needs dental treatment. Pay attention to your dog that requires vet treatment.

  • Dogs stop playing with their favorite toys
  • Drops Food and do not crunch his Food
  • Red or Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Brown tarter on the teeth

Tips to Clean Dog’s Teeth

1. Select a Good time and Place for Teeth Brushing

First, you should know whether your dog is comfortable or not. If it seems quite nervous, then try to limit other distractions while brushing; pick a place for your dog and good lighting so you can see the plaque in the dog’s teeth.

2. Buy a Dog Brush and Tooth Paste

Now, all the necessary tools are available in the pet industry, so you can get dog toothpaste and brush from any online pet store. Even though designed dig toothbrushes with angled handles are available, they have soft bristles and multiple heads that crevice inside the dog’s mouth easily.

One thing must be kept in mind: human toothpaste contains some ingredients that could be toxic for your dog, such as xylitol; therefore, never use human toothpaste for your dog’s teeth. Moreover, the dog’s toothpaste comes in different flavors, such as beef, peanut butter, and chicken, so you can select whatever you want.

A Complete Procedure to Follow While Cleaning Dog’s Teeth

  1. Touch the gums and teeth without the brush, lift the top lip up and hold it while touching the teeth, then pull the bottom lip down and touch the bottom teeth.
  2. Bring the brush near the teeth; first, touch the front side and then the back teeth on the top and bottom.
  3. Now, try it in a fun way, such as showing the toothpaste to your dog and letting them lick it from your finger.
  4. If the dog licks and loves this taste, add the toothpaste to the toothbrush and start cleaning the teeth.
  5. Hold the upper lip up and brush the front teeth.
  6. After that, move from the front teeth and back to the side and on the top.
  7. When brushing the bottom teeth, hold down the bottom lip and brush the bottom teeth.
    If your dog is tolerant of the cleaning procedure, you can brush inside and outside the teeth. The inside procedure is a little harder, so ensure your dog is calm by brushing the outside and upper cleaning.
  8. Another interesting thing you can do to make brushing the dog habit is praise and reward. Yes! Brushing teeth is unnatural for dogs, so you can give them dogs a favorite treat to make the pet happy.

No matter how much you care for your canine, tarter builds up over time on your dog’s teeth, just like humans. So you can brush the teeth of your dog daily or also need a dentist to clean the teeth. When tartar is present in the dog’s mouth, the vet will recommend dental cleaning, which is called dental prophylaxis. Dogs need dental cleaning every year, depending on the breed. So, always consult your veterinarian and ask him how to clean dog’s teeth and what dental procedure you dog needed.


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