French BullDog Breed- Interesting Facts To Know

French Bulldog

 French bulldogs are also well known for Frenchies, They have recently become one of the best and  popular dog breeds. These dogs are very adorable and friendly dogs, famous for their energetic behavior, which make them a perfect choice for families and individuals. Let’s know some interesting facts about the French Bulldog.

French Bulldogs History 

The French Bulldog, sometimes known as the Frenchie, is a household dog breed that emerged in late 1800s France. It is said to have been developed by crossing bulldogs with native French breeds.

This breed were popular among lace workers in French, who introduced them to England and America. Bulldog is now one of the most popular breeds in the world, famous for its friendly and lively nature.

Height and weight 

A French Bulldog weighs between 16 and 28 pounds when fully mature and is around 12 inches tall at the shoulder.  Bulldog’s lifetime is 11-14 years; however, it could vary depending on various circumstances

Color of Frenchie

The coat is silky and comes in several colors, including brindle, fawn, white, and black.

French Bulldog Temperament 

French Bulldogs are famous for being friendly and loving. They are a cheerful breed that gets along with humans and other animals. They are both fun and lively yet peaceful and relaxed. French bulldogs are sometimes resistant, so training may need patience and perseverance. Frenchies make wonderful family pets and are fantastic with kids. 

Problems With Frenchies

The most common problems with Frenchies are that they are susceptible to various health issues, such as breathing difficulty and overheating. To maintain your Frenchie in excellent health, be aware of these potential risks and give frequent vet checks.

Care and Upbringing 

Frenchies don’t need much exercise but need some physical activity every day to keep healthy. A brief walk or playtime in a safe yard is generally sufficient.

Feed your Frenchie a nutritious, well-balanced meal. You may feed them dry dog food, wet dog food, or a combination of the two. Consult a veterinarian to establish the appropriate amount of food for your dog’s age, size, and activity level.

French Bulldog Price 

This price might differ considerably on the breeder’s reputation and region. In the United States, the normal price of a French Bulldog is between $1,500 and $3,000. In Pakistan, the average cost for a Frenchie is around 1.5-3.5 lac.

Bottom Line

French Bulldog is a medium dog breed despite looking a bit aggressive, and their playful personalities always cherish the family.

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