How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

keep Your Dog Healthy

Pet dogs always bring joy to you. People love to keep different pets at home, but most of them keep dogs as pets. Pet lovers search for the best breeds and then take care of them just like a family member. Everyone who loves to keep a dog must know how to keep your dog healthy. Vaccinations, regular exercise, grooming, a balanced diet, etc, are all necessary. Here we will tell you five ways to keep your dog healthy. Let’s dig into it.

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy

1. Vaccination To Keep Dog Healthy

The very first thing to keep your pet healthy is vaccination. Regular vaccinations keep your dog from serious illnesses such as parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis, coronavirus, and rabies. The most important vaccination is for the respiratory system, which keeps respiratory problems away from your dog.
The first vaccination of your puppy dog should be given in the early weeks and continues for up to sixteen weeks. After that, you give regular shots that protect your dog and improve immunity.

2. Regular Exercise

Your pet dog always needs different and regular exercise, such as a little walk, to keep them healthy. Besides, high-energy breeds require an hour of vigorous exercise once or twice daily. Adequate physical activity keeps your dog healthy and lives longer, and prevents mental disorders that lead to destructive behavior. You can also play some backyard games to keep them fit.

3. Balanced Diet

Everyone must choose a nutritional and balanced diet. A balanced diet is very necessary for the pet dog to keep them healthier. Always be careful when you feed them meat, bone, or raw eggs. If you give too many raw foods, serious health problems could be occurred, such as infection E.Coli and other harmful bacteria.

4. Dog Grooming

Just like humans, the dog also needs grooming, which is one of the ways to keep your dog stay healthy. It will help your dog look more attractive. It also allows you to examine the dog’s coat, eyes, ears, and nails. The dog’s grooming also depends on its breed, type of coat, and size. 

Some dogs do not need daily hygiene. For instance, if you have a German Shepherd, you need different grooming, and for a retriever, you need to do grooming differently.

5. Dental Checkup

A regular dental checkup is necessary to keep your dog healthy and live longer. You must check your dog’s teeth once a year to detect early signs of problems. 

According to Medivet, 60 % of dogs over two struggle with dental diseases. Therefore, an ongoing dental checkup is key to ensuring your pet dog is healthy.

Bottom Line

Dogs can’t tell you if they face any problem; therefore, you must keep your eyes open to know when something gets wrong. If you don’t have proper knowledge of any issue, then never give them the wrong treatment; always consult a veteran they will help you. You can train them as you want. 


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