Interesting Facts To Know Popular British Breed ‘Bulldog’


An affectionate, easygoing, and adorable dog breed, Bulldog is the most distinctive-looking dog breed. This breed considers the man’s best friend in terms of spirit. Among the best breeds, Bulldog is famous for its stubborn mannerisms and wrinkly appearance. It is very difficult to find a healthy bulldog puppy; therefore, always consult a reliable breeder because it is the most well-adjusted dog in the family. If you want this dog as a pet, you must first know some important facts about Bulldog. Let’s start here.

The breed is a symbol of Great Britain and is associated with Prime minister Winston Churchill. Therefore, it was known as the British Bulldog. The interesting fact is that Winston and Churchill are the two popular names for Bulldogs.

Bulldog History

Bulldogs originated in England and descended from ancient like breeds. This dog became popular between the 13th and 16th centuries because of their muscles and athleticism. The cute, compressed face had won the English people’s hearts. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed as an official breed in 1886; another achievement is that the Bulldog Club of America formed in 1898.

This breed was used in the medieval sport of bullbaiting. William Lawlor wrote a book, “ Blue Book of Bulldogs,” in 1938 in which mentioned that this breed could trace to 1210 as the first official bullbaiting in England.

 Height and Weight

British Bulldog or British bulldog weight is 18-23 kg and height is 13-15 inches.

Bulldog Color

This English breed comes in a variety of colors. Among these, the Kennel Club approved some standard and non-standard colors. Bulldog puppies are available in red and white colors, considered standard colors. Besides red and white brindles, they are also available in fawn, pale yellow, and piebald.

Bulldog Temperament

This popular breed undoubtedly has bullbaiting roots; the bulldog is peace-loving and very humanlike. The training makes this British dig unreliable guard dog or watchdog. This dog likes good jokes and is sometimes stubborn when learning new things. Despite the aggressive look, their affectionate and outgoing personality is what most people love about this breed. The modern breed is sociable that loves to entertain an audience. They learn very easily and perform well in what they are taught, even skateboarding.

Care and Grooming

Among other popular dog breeds, bulldog requires dog and are prone to more health problems. Bulldogs are prone to overheating in warm environments and under the circumstances. Bulldogs are indoor breeds and prefer a relaxed lifestyle. They play for almost 15 minutes and then are ready for a nap because of their low to moderate energy levels.

Besides, an air-conditioned environment and plenty of fresh water are very important for them. These are not swimmers; therefore, always protect them from a pool, Spa and pond. In other grooming of bulldogs, they need nail care and dental hygiene. Therefore, trim your nails twice a month. If you trim the nail, they become less stressful for you.

Just like other breeds, they are unable to maintain passive respiration. They are prone to brachycephalic syndrome, a condition in which the nostril openings are too small, and the soft palate is elongated. In this disease, the tissues can swell and obstacles airflow.

Bulldog Food

This dog never compromises on food quality which makes a difference. Therefore always nourish your dog and never overfeed them so that they can save from obesity. The bulldog meals are divided into two meals, and ½ to 2 cups is recommended.

Price And Life Expectancy

The average price of a bulldog puppy is almost $2000-4000 USD. It is more expensive than other dog breeds like German Shepherd, retriever, etc.

According to UK Kennel Club, The life expectancy of a bulldog is almost 8-10 years. However, this life expectancy can increase by almost 14 years.

Bottom Line

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